photo by Shelli Quintos


"I am so moved by Danni Quintos's beautiful book Python— I am moved by the precision and music, in a wonderful dance with the photographs, with which she explores what must be one of our fundamental questions: where, and how, might we belong? Python does not give us answers, which is part of its honesty. But its necessary labor, its wonderful labor, is in illuminating the questions. Because the questions, illuminated, make a kind of home."  

-Ross Gay


“Cousins” Day One Issue 3.34

“Code Switching” Blood Lotus Journal Anthology

“1991 and We Flew for Days,” “Possible Reasons My Dad Won’t Return to the Philippines,” “Cousin Dives Has More, This Time in Her Bowels,” Anthropoid Collective

“Python,” “High Meat” Scrimshander Books, Digestion Issue

“White Beauty” Best New Poets 2015

“Dad’s Accent” Still: The Journal

“Quintos” Toe Good Poetry

“& Seek” “Code Switching” Blood Lotus Journal

“Mom Said Dad,” “How My Dad Started Smoking,” Pluck! Journal of Affrilachian Arts & Culture


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